Scoring issue

Has anyone else been getting scoring being delayed and not scored properly?


yes, all day long.
and there are more like me.

see Tournament Game: Live 9x9 Double Elimination Tournament 2021-08-15 18:30 (78825) R:1 (jmho vs Seigouhh)


just timed out a finish game

I have had a related issue today. I uploaded an SGF to run AI analysis on and it took ages to run and then didn’t run properly (regular analysis instead of site supporter full analysis). Is there maybe some overload on the AI servers @anoek?


Yeah had a bit of a snowballing failure happening today with the servers after some maintenance work. They’re almost recovered now, though still have probably about half an hour of backlog to work through.

Your full analysis should eventually run, but if not simply head to the game, click the review line, and then click the + KataGo button to kick off another full review


This likely affected auto-scoring for a bit as well, FTR


SE is still very slow…

Yeah this looks like a new problem, nothing shut down completely but it looks like there was something that was clogging up the system a bit and caused the queue to grow really big over night. Restarting things seems to have removed the clog (probably temporarily), so things are moving a bit faster now, and I’m investigating to see if I can fix whatever happened. SE should be a bit better now, although reviews are going to be a bit delayed again for another few hours. Sorry for all the troubles.


Seems to be up to its usual standard. :slight_smile: