Scoring went wrong (and lost a group in endgame because of it)

See this game:

I couldn’t mark black groups as dead and had to fill everything up. My childish opponent seized the opportunity to make one of his group alive. Trouble started at move 302. Curious what caused this!

Huh, this is a weird one. I mean, yeah, it should have been dead, but your weakness in the false eye of the G19 group kinda left a window open for him to make life there. In a game at my level (12k) I would see this behavior as reasonable and blame myself for playing D19, but at the 2k level I could see it being considered as your opponent playing to hope you make a careless mistake.

That being said, you still won the game, and contrary to the title you did not “lose” a group. Your opponent just brought one back from the dead.

At move 302 we both passed and went into scoring. The computer marked the whole left side as seki, which would make b win. After trying to mark the black stones dead with no avail I returned to the game and started surrounding the 3 stones on the left. After that we went into scoring again, but the top left was still showing seki, so again I started catching the black stones, after which my opponent showed lack of sportsmanship and made his group alive. Granted, I shouldn’t have played the way I did, but I just wanted to fill up asap. I don’t really care if I won or lost, but I think this is a bug in the scoring that the devs might take a look at. Marking all those black stones as dead should work, right?

Scoring isn’t perfect, and is real bad at seki. However, if you can’t click a group, you should be able to shift+click individual stones/points to force them. At least, this worked in the previous version of OGS. I assume that functionality is retained.

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I didn’t know about the shift-click trick, that is great to know for the future!

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I think the game thought it was seki because white could not fill the common liberties until that group qas properly connected

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