SDK (~3 kyu) offering teaching games to DDKs (19x19)

I am in GMT+1

I am also looking for a dan level teacher.

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You mentioned timezone. Are you open to correspondence teaching games? If so I would be interested(I bounce from 12-15k) and grateful.

I’m ~21kyu and am in GMT+1, would love to have a teaching game with you. Could we add each other as friends?

I’m 15kyu, would love to have a teaching game and learn from you :slight_smile: please let me know if interested! thanks in advance.

Sure, add me as friend and when you see me online just send me a message.

Have sent you a friend request. Hope we can arrange a game. I need all the help I can get

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What a great offer.

I’m nearly at your timezone. How long does a teaching game last?

Just trying to figure out how to plan for it after work.


If you’re not full up, I’d love to play a teaching game (I’m ~17k). I’m in CET+1.

You can all add me as friend and simply message me when I am online so that we can play.

Hi there, if you’re still up for teaching people i would be more than happy for you to give me some pointers in a game… i am GMT… I live in wales. so i think our times are fairly close.

Weekdaywhats ddk?

Hey, if you’re still offering @fkrama6, I’d be interested. I’m listed as 17k, but I really have no clue where I am. Better than 20k, but I really don’t know. I’m in PST, so your morning is my staying up late, and my morning is your evening. I could do a correspondence game, but I’d prefer live. With lots of time though, I don’t want that to be an issue. Thanks so much!

Hi i know i am not the guy you are looking for but i would be more than happy to play some games with you. and go through the games with you and such, i am around 12-11 Kyu. I am also GMT but anytime i am online i can play a game as i dont tend to sleep much

double digit kyuu.

Currently 12 kyu, would love a teaching game

I am a 18 kyu that has been told that I play around 10 kyu level. If possible, can I have a correspondent teaching game without handicaps please?


I am 17-16k. Do you think you could do live teaching game on weekend? Any time you pick is fine with me. I am GMT+1 as well.

Thank you

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Hello !
I am currently ranked ~21kyu and advancing, in GMT+2 and would appreciate some Teaching games. I am open to suggestions regarding time and game preferences.
Thank you