SDK local workshop

What positions are you trying to study, fellow SDKs? Perhaps we can collaborate and help each other.

Here are five I’m focused on and I know little about:

(yes, the whole shimari)


Are these all in the top right corner of the board? Or in open space? Or elsewhere?

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Available to participate to this study group. I suggest giving a name to each position would help to reference it during the discussion. I guess all are top-right corners.

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I’m guessing that’s the case too, since the word “shimari” is used, and the top and right most lines in each diagram seem to be slightly thicker than the rest.

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Yes, they’re all in the top right corner.

I suggest:

#1 3-3 jump under-hane
#2 Flying knife (existing name)
#3 3-4 pincer press-and-cut
#4 AlphaGo shimari (existing name)
#5 Ogeima shimari outside hane

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33juh (33 jump under-hane) seems to me quite simple to analyze. White is alive even if with just two points/eyes or so. Black gain thickness every time on the top side. White can have some space on the right side depending how black plays.

I made my first private OGS puzzle with some variations… not sure that this is the best place to put a study board… however, I granted access to both of you (for the moment) here:

The puzzle feature works properly… but I’m not sure of my ability to use it.


Would you be willing to grant access to others as well?

A demo board might also be an effective way to share variations.

I granted access to both of you (for the moment)

I mean that I prefer to test it before to add another not-working puzzle. I hope in this way to maintain good quality in the related section. No intention to segregate.:innocent:

Did you reach the puzzle? It works properly? …and above all… Have I forget some tesuji that let black to kill white? :laughing:

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I cannot access the puzzle

Try now: the collection is SDK Local Workshop (the name of the puzzle is “3-3 jump under-hane”)

Yeah, the puzzles are janky right now.

Nice analysis. There is another variation, I think (I don’t have Drago on this machine so just refresh the tsumego until it’s in the bottom right.)

White S4 (connection), Black R7 (capturing with ladder), White tenuki, Black Q2 (connection), White T3 (dividing eyeshape), Black S1 (removing one eye), White T5 (taking the other), Black T2 (beginning the ko).

1 Like 4d vs Leela game with the ogeima shimari outside hane in the early opening.

I misread: White will not play A here (step ko) but rather B (which lives outright.)


Made a couple of analysis. The job is not finished, but It seems to me that white attach in 4-4 doesn’t produce a nice result. It depends obviously from the surrounding stones, but it seems a situation that occurs in the early fuseki so I wouldn’t expect too much traffic jam around the position.

Collection name changed in SDK Local Workshop
Puzzle name is “Ogeima shimari outside hane”