SDK review request


would appriciate some comments about this game

Das Spiel ist beendet (


-Generel fuseki and joseki pattern

  • Midgame strategy (Overall concept, trying sabaki right middle to build moyo?!)

  • Invasion on move 135 (I think here i lost the game… I should had played a shape move, like table g6 (Move alternative 125??) Would appriciate a more efficient way, how to make some aji and make white live small on left site!

BIG thanks guys, happy sunday =)

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For context, I’m 4k, so not the greatest authority ^^

Move(s) Comment(s)
1–19 No real mistakes. A good opening.
21–25 This was too much. It was imperative to make a base with C9 – asking at B4 is an endgame move. (24) pointed this out and you had to jump into the centre.
27 F17, moving onto the top side, feels better here. The game move is a bit cagey.
29 A third-line pincer might be more territorially worthwhile.
37 Is this a good exchange? White is happy to remove the C11 invasion.
39 / 41 I’m not sure this is worth sente.
47 Seems a bit slow. Is there anything to be worried about here?
49 Why so far away from the corner? F3 would pressure more severely, no?
63 Good shape! I don’t think many new-ranks 8ks would play this move.
67 Are you sure the elephant jump is appropriate? What about the K7 keima instead?
77 (71) asks for the centre, so it would make sense to take it with H15. You can allow K16 to be captured. Then again, perhaps this way of play is fine…
105–110 You made a dead group inside White’s territory, whilst encouraging that territory to be enlarged. Safer options were available, like a simple (105) P9.
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Yeah, G6 should’ve be played to guarantee connection. At move 135 it’s too late to do anything.

Move 125 is questionable too, as you may have noticed. Usually it’s not a good idea to play this kind of moves when you don’t see a clear line to kill (or profit by sacrificing). Instead, play on the outside to strenghthen yourself and threaten the opponent. For example, B14 is worth considering because once white played B15 black needed to worry about the cut around E12.

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