Seeking teaching games for opening moves

I am a DDK seeking to work on getting my games off to a good start. I am now using a joseki dictionary to help me but I would like to be coached on direction of play over several games to really solidify that part of the game in my head. Would someone in the SDK range or higher be open to assisting me?

Ideally I’d like several dozen games over time to work through this. I would be willing to commit to a large number of correspondence games where I would share my thoughts about each move in chat.

I’ve tried some postmortem analysis using leela but would prefer a more in depth explanation of move choice than simply showing me the small number of moves that an AI would suggest.

Thank you in advance.

I’m available. Feel free to send me a challenge.

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As usual, I recommend Dwyrin’s Back To Basics series.

Not everyone likes him, but I found it to be gold for this.


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Yes, I agree. I’ve been a subscriber to his channel for quite some time. He can go over my head quite often but I do try to get as much from his videos as I can. In a way, it’s my desire to verify that I’ve really taken those videos to heart that I decide to post the question. .

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