Seki counting

in a live tournament there was a game-deciding seki in the end
Game: #1505059

but the automatic counting didn´t see it. My opponent refused to admit the proper counting, so the phase of marking stones went one for half an hour and I tried to call a moderator with the triangle icon, but there was none around.
In the end the spectators called my opponent and he gave in by let the accepting button run out of 5min time.

I think my opponent has the server on his side and was arguing somehow sensible, when he said it was me who had to prove the case, because he and the system are right and I was making revolution against the conditions to play on this server and the conditions of counting here.
For that I was responsible for the delay of that live tournament and for people running away out of its progress, because they got bored by my behaviour not to resign, or by my opponents behaviour not to know about a simple seki.

Finally: Is there any chance to get the programm to better counting in these situations?
… and is there a chance to tell my opponent how to deal with seki on OGS?

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No amount of programming can fix people who don’t understand the rules. Only if they would make scoring 100% automatic it would help. So no more manual “accept” buttons or stuff like that. The thing is that making scoring algorithm to work like that is not so easy.

You might want to link the game url in here.

Hey, the score calculator isn’t perfect, and is on the list for improvement. This is why players are allowed to tweak which stones are alive or dead during the stone scoring phase.

In this case, his argument was complete nonsense. Seki is seki, and if he wanted to prove otherwise, then he was welcome to resume and try to kill your stones. You are not the one who held everyone up; your opponent is. He was trying to get a win by cheating.

I’m sorry no one was on when this happened, but I’m glad to see the auto-accept timer did it’s job! …well, eventually…

Actually now that I think about this. The only good and easy solution would be to remove the automatic scoring alltogether and force players to mark areas and stones dead/alive. Similar to KGS. This has been said before also. This thread is just another instance of people not understanding the rules and thinking that the automatic scoring function is the law.


yes, you are quite right. maybe there should be an example for this posted into the “conditions of playing” or somewhere, so that one can call that side and I could have told my opponent to read the sekiexample what would have made him agree to the rules. would have been perfect reading for your opponent. I’m just not too convinced that it would have helped that much :slight_smile:

Your opponent was a 7k. He must know what seki is. Regardless, he just wanted the win and was trying to gain it through rhetoric. Please do not give weight to his argument.


@Tinuviel, I agree with what you said, but I think @gubbelface’s point is that perhaps the system shouldn’t give weight to the argument.

Even automated systems like Tygem and Wbaduk give users the option to toggle life and death. There is no perfect scoring tool for go. You, as a player, need to understand the rules so you can make sure the scoring tool is correct.

Blaming the system for a player not understanding the rules is just silly.