Seki issue


Concerning this game:

At move 271 we both passed, proceeding to scoring. At the bottom right is what looks to me like a seki. The scoring system however sees it as black territory, which is wrong. I tried clicking the black or the white stones to mark them both as alive, but nothing seemed to work.

I think the scoring system is supposed to visualize a seki as alive stones that don’t give you any points? Pretty much like how the white and black group on the left are shown when you use the score estimator at 271.

In the end black is actually completely dead on the left which gave my opponent enough points to be able to just throw away his group on the bottom right, so the game has the correct winner.

But for future reference, how is a situation like the bottom right group being seki but not recognized as such supposed to be handled? Is this a bug?

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This forum has decent search capabilities. Try searching for seki. First result will have your answer. How to count this 9 x 9 game (contains a seki)?

So, clicking on the empty spots? That doesn’t seem to work in the score estimator :-/

Will that definitely work in an actual game?

Yup. It’s not very intuitive, but it does work.

Excellent, thank you!