Seki question + 9x9 review (17k vs 15k)

Hi guys. I’ve recently played this game and got into a situation at the end (in the top right corner) when whoever moved suicided. I understand such situations are called seki, however I am unsure about the scoring implications. Are both groups to be considered alive? Only mine? Only his?

When it came to finishing the game, my opponent seemed to think my group was dead since I couldn’t show two eyes, however the same can be said about his group. Who was right? When we couldn’t agree on the dead groups, whose responsibility is to move and prove the stones are alive/dead?

PS: while you’re at it, could a wiser player please give me his review of the game? I tend to struggle against aggressive opponents such as this one.

Thanks in advance…

The game information says you were playing with Japanese rules, under which the two shared liberties count as 0 points for either player.

In Japanese rules, seki scores no points for either side. In Chinese rules, the stones/territory would still score normally.


  • Both groups are alive.
  • The point is not to have two eyes, the groups are alive because neither player could kill opponent’s group.
  • In my humble opinion, nobody have to prove its group is alive, its up to the opponent to prove your group is dead (could anybody knowing well the rules to confirm or not?), which is impossible to do in a seki without being killed first.
  • As explained, in Japanese rules, no territory in a seki (anyway, in this situation, no territory either because commons).
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There you go, some of my ideas:

That’s a funny one because even if w let b capture, w could still kill because of bent 4 shape