Self made goban

Self made bamboo boards. I decorated the 9x9 one (poorly) in order to motivate my kids to play.


On the other side of the 19x19 one I made the lines in a CNC milling machine and painted later, but I ruined that side when I draw the lines. It is visible under the 9x9 one. The actual side is much cleaner, the bamboo lines are nice to see and I am much happier with it.

I spend less than 50$ in both. I will draw a 13x13 in the reverse of the small one.


Very nice, thank ya for sharing these ^^

Those are pretty nice.

How did you get access to the CNC mill?

I work there :smiley:
But i messed up that side. The other side is just drawed, and looks better.
I will try to repair the milled side.

I knew a guy back in the early '70s who painted miniature Napoleonics as a hobby. He painted a smiley face on every stone of his GO set.

He was a sick puppy.




Just found this and I really like the tiger / dragon / Ying Yang decorations on the 9x9 so I thought it was worth seeing the light of day again. Bravo @JoseCastanys