Semi-New player (who was never very good) looking for help

Hi! I’m a semi-new player looking for help on deciding moves, looking forward into a game, etc. Hoping to get some help from a teacher.


Post a game and we’ll review it some time.

Looking at the one game I could find in your profile you could benefit from a bit of learning about the basics.

I put together a playlist of a few videos I found very helpful as I was learning to play. Everyone learns differently, so maybe videos don’t fit your learning style, but I’d say its worth giving a shot.

I’ll add a few more to the playlist, but those are some of the ones that immediately stuck out a lot in my mind.


Always happy to teach. Sent you a friend request.


If you post any 9x9 games I would be happy to offer a review. I don’t have much time to play Go currently, but I did put this thread together a while back to help newcomers. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. Welcome Back! :heart:


Thank you all for helping!


would u like teaching game?