Sent mails?

Related to this general feature… is it possible to see a list of your sent mails? Maybe I am just missing it somewhere?


You are not missing it, it’s not there. :smile: So, let’s keep this as a note to the devs. :wink:


reviving this thread:

after using the mail system for the first time i noticed, that outgoing mail “vanishes” from my mail-folder until it is answered. There doesnt seem to be a way to view it again. If the person i mailed doesnt answer, but instead creates a new converstion i cant even look up what i typed in the first place (in case i dont remember). Being the neurotic i am i also keep questioning if i even sent anything or just hit “cancel” by mistake :cold_sweat:.

I hope this can be addressed at some point, even though i realize how minor it is :slight_smile:.

Are you talking about forum “mails”?

If yes, then you should be able to view them by going to your forum profile and click “Messages”.

and there you should have “Inbox”, “Sent”, and “Archive”:

(And BTW, I’d bet that I’m AT LEAST as neurotic as you :wink: )

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Not the forum message service, but the one on the main page (it says “mail“ in the drop down register in the left).

Maybe i should use the forum communication instead? But then again i cant know If who i write to is here as regularly as i am. I hear some people like actually playing more than talking about it :wink:.