Separation of chat logs

Should we have more separation between the different types of game chat?

I see four types of chat:

  • Player chat
  • Spectator chat
  • Malkovitch log
  • Bot log

The main issue is that the bot log (currently hijacking the Malkovitch log, which is not the original purpose of that functionality), which prints a wad of stats each move, overpowers spectator discussion. But this could be a chance to establish a new system of chat viewing, eg. using tickboxes to state any combination of the four “channels” of chat on the game page the observer would like to view.


A workaround is to block the bots chat.

A separation between player chat, spectator chat, malkovich chat and bot chat exists already.
The issue is, where to place the selectors. The game view is already crowded.


Fair point. Perhaps we could put them in a pop-up menu that comes out of the sidebar?

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I wondered if I could fit an option button on the left of the participants button on the chat line.


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