Serious bug report - screen going crazy and flickering


Using Mac OsX 10.9.5, browsing in Chrome 39.0.2171.95 (64-bit).

Since the new-look website, the go board frequently starts to resize itself during games, flickering bigger and smaller by about 20% of its size about 3 or 4 times a second, and not stopping, so that it’s just a flickering blur, making it unplayable.

This seems to happen whenever I put the board in ‘analyse game’ mode, and it always happens when a player returns an ‘automove’ (a planned response in a correspondence game). It also sometimes happens when the player plays their move.

I’ve been able to remedy this by toggling around between moves, and pressing ‘back to game’. Generally the board will settle down eventually, but if I add more stones in analyse mode, it goes crazy again.

The other solution has been to full screen google chrome (the feature in mac that takes the app over into its own ‘pane’ of the desktop, and makes all the system menus etc disappear.

Congrats on the website, the new tournaments are fantastic.

Shoot, I had thought I’d fixed that one… Thanks for the report!