Server instability 14 Dec

Is it just me? It took ages to accept a game, after the game no AI review came up, my home page only renders partially and I got server error 500 popup at some point.

Do I need to refresh something, or is server on a wobble?


Not just you, server has been buggy all day :<


When Google Overlord yawns, entire world shakes

Ah? Is OGS on GCP? Is there a cloud instability thing with knockons here? I guess I should read the argicle :blush:

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Anoek is working on it, by the way (and has been for several hours now, I believe)


Yes OGS is on GCP. It’s still not clear to me if it was related or not, things were definitely wonky. I finally resorted to just rebuilding the entire cluster and that seems to have worked out some weird lingering networking issues we were seeing. I think we’re in good shape now.