Set account as bot

Can someone set this account (Gorxtav) as a bot with “Gurxtav” as it’s owner?

This is the owner account

Done! :slight_smile:

Thank you. You should make a button for this somewhere so that you don’t have to use you time for this kind of task.

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Don’t worry, it’s more like three buttons. No bother at all :wink:

While this bot is in development it should probably either be run on the beta server, or locally before throwing it on the live site. To run on the beta server, simply head over to and create an account for it and yourself, and then request for the bot to be enabled over there.

Aha ok, thank you! I thought it was strange that everyone could see it but I didn’t see anywhere to change it.

I created accounts with the same names on the beta site
Owner: Gurxtav
Bot: Gorxtav

@mlopezviedma Can you click three more buttons?



I don’t know what happened, but the account on the main site isn’t marked as a bot anymore. I still have the apikey and I can still start it as a bot, so I’ll do that for now.

Hi, @Gurxtav, sorry about that. @anoek here is a site developer, he disabled it on the main site because me (stupid me) didn’t mention you this:

Yeah I did read that message, but now I’ve tested it and it seems to work so I want to try on main site.

Okay, I’ll only ask you to do one more thing before we do that. Could you run some more games against GnuGo bot so to be sure that your bot doesn’t timeout?

Whoooops sorry so much I went to bed having it turned on I will do that now.


Could you help me to set my account “smartkit” as bot id? And I wonder after that, does the APIKey is also generated?
Even more, I want couple of bots ids to play each other, what’s steps should I do?


Sorry for late response
No you will have to ask some kind of moderator to set it as a bot. Then you will be able to see the API key on the bot’s profile page.
To make two bots play each other, I just started my bot as a bot and logged on to it and challenged another bot and they will start to play.

You also need to tell the moderator which account is the owner.

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