Set bot account

can you set this account to a bot account?

Admin account to shepherd22


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No problem, but before we do that, when a bot is made into a site wide bot, that bot tends to get a lot of challenges at the same time. Because of that, I like to ask what the intent of the bot is, is it something that’s relatively stable and you are interested in turning on and leaving on for a long time, or are you developing a new bot and are looking for some light testing? If it’s the later then we should set you up on the beta server, if it’s the former, then we’ll flip the switch for you on the main site :slight_smile:


Oh, I want to test against other bots on the main site and see how the rating goes. Low volume. Can I do that without playing other people? Or should I just instead request a lot of provisional ranking games quota?

I requested bot because I don’t want to affect human ratings.

Is that ok or do you have a recommendation for a better way?

Hello. Is my approach not advisable? thank you

Hi adpb8rdo,

There’s no way to enable bots just for bot v bot at this time, though it seems to be coming up more and more so we might add a flag to disable listing bots on the main list. That’ll be down the road though.

For now, I’d recommend either running bots locally for bot v bot games or running them on the beta server and arranging matches over there

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