Setting the time

Hello. I would like to know how to set up a game not longer than 20 minutes. Thank you

Try using “Absolute” time, with 10 minutes per player.


You can also use other time controls, but then you would have to make a calculation.
A 19x19 game usually is finished within 300 moves. Twenty minutes is 1200 seconds. So based on this, every move in time control=simple should be 4 seconds. For other time control options you can also make more or less similar calculations.
A 9x9 game is about 80 moves. That would make 15 seconds per move.
Using Fischer time control starting with 15 seconds and increasing with a few seconds would probably also work.

But to be honest: @Starline’s suggestion is the most simple one :smiley:

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So absolute for 20 minutes. What does exactly mean? I made the wrong question. What I would like to know is how do I set up the time for each move? Is that the simple?


Means 10mn for playing the full game for each player. If more you lose. Simple.

For time by move you can use byoyomi settings 1 stone byoyomi with the time you want.

No, no, this is not the way to do that. If you want time per move, just use Simple - that’s what it’s for. Simple at 2 minutes means two minutes per move.

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But isn’t simple known to be buggy and to be avoided? I thought the work around to avoid the bugs is to use byo yomi with main time set to zero and a 1 stone period of whatever time you want…

When setting time control, unless you want pure instinct no thinking game (like the 4s/move suggested by @Atorrante) sometimes called “ultrablitz”:

It may be more wise to use a more global setting, letting some flexibility, so to have a bit more thought on some important moves.

Simple is buggy. Avoid it.

You can get the same with Fischer time increment 4s.

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Interesting - I’ve used simple for a lot of online club games and haven’t had any issue yet. But noted, thanks!