Settings bound to session, not to profile

Hello !

Settings seem not to saved for a profile but for a session. I could log on OGS with one browser ( Firefox ) and see set A of settings then log on from another browser ( Chrome ) from where I saw a set B of settings.


Yes OGS uses cookies to save the settings.


FYI, this point has been tracked as an issue in github :slight_smile:


I’m going to disagree here. I (largely) support this deliberate design choice. Maybe I want double-click to move for my PC, but submit-move button on my phone’s much less precise screen (which doesn’t even really support the idea of a double-click.) Maybe I want sound on for my home PC but not for my work laptop. (Don’t shame me - you probably play at work too.)

The only part I’d somewhat agree with changing is the color profile, but I’m sure someone would have some feelings the other way as well.


Hello :slight_smile:

Thanks for your remarks and actually, I’m aware of that but your feedback makes clear that I’m unclear in the issue I open ^^

My concern is mixing up in one page what should survive changing of client or cleaning cookies: email notifications and what should be stored for my client only.

In that sense, I’ve already filed other issues in github:

Autoplay delay should be settable directly from a game page

Game thumbnails list threshold should be settable directly from the games page

Okay, so far there are only two, it’s not much but you know can understand that I share your opinion but that I was not clear writing my github issue.

So, my point of view is that when I change settings on “Settings” page, I expect it to be persistent in many ways: they have to survive when the user does logout/login, when the user clears his browser’s cookies and/or change of client.
In other words, OGS should store them for me.

On the other hand, when I change settings in pages like “Games list” our pages like an in-progress game, I expect OGS website remembers after a logout/login what were my last preferences for that client I’m using. It doesn’t have to be stored server-side and it will be my decision to delete my cookies making me loose them.
And I also expect OGS doesn’t make it cross all devices or clients I may use: it’s not because I want all my 50 running games in miniatures at home with my big flat sreen that I also want to see those 50 running games in miniature in my smartphone with a moderate display size.

Back to the issue related to binding settings to profile, I meant that: everything I change in that page, I expect it to be persistent and if it should not be persistent, I don’t expect to find it there. Otherwise, the setting needs to be called “blablabla … by default” and in that case, I will understand that the value will be used as a “custom” factory setting everytime I don’t want to override it with a session-scoped preference.