SGF Library Sort

This bug had been annoying me for long enough that I knew it was being looked at here: Library default sort broken? - #8 by BHydden but unfortunately I only came to check on progress days after that thread closed.

More data about the issue:

For this library, I see this:

A person from discord sees it in the opposite order:

And neither of them seem proper.

Same issue with other libraries. It is bothersome for my personal game library when newly added games appear in the middle of the list with barely any reason to it.

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So I don’t think anybody has worked on that issue. The good news (i guess) is that all the games are available on the frontend, so if you have some JavaScript experience, you could try to sort those client-side.

Here is where the code is:

I imagine it’s as easy as throwing a .sort(compareByDateOrWhatever) in there.

EDIT: Oh i just saw that @trouscaillon commented about some code. Maybe they are working on it, but I haven’t seen a pull request about it. @trouscaillon if you are working on it, let me know if I can answer any questions!