SGF library upload not working

Upload of SGF to personal library doesn’t seem to be working

  • received some SGF from someone who has same issue by email
  • loading in library gives an empty game (board & player names display, but no moves). Loading in local editor displays them correctly (doesn’t look like corrupt SGF)
  • downloading an OGS game then uploading to SGF Library gives same result

Is it a generalised issue?

I’ve downloaded a recent game from doge_bot_1 20058 vs. doge_bot_1 and successfully uploaded it to my library, so I don’t think the functionality has stopped working entirely.

Do you want to try to do the same with that game as a test?

There are some things in sgfs that need to be cleaned up if OGS isn’t correctly parsing them. This can sometimes be done by opening the sgf in another editor like sabaki and then saving it again. Other times one might need to look at the file in a text editor. Some hints can come from opening the browser console and seeing if there’s any error messages on the blank game page for example.

If you want to share the file(s), either here or in a private message I can have a look and let you know if I can get it to upload. I’ll also try to write down why it wasn’t uploading and maybe I can submit an issue to github.

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Yes, the doge upload worked. I had tried a resaving locally in a different editor and that hadn’t helped, but downloading one of my games and uploading did work. I see that although problem games don’t display, downloading from the OGS will preserve so you should be able to see the raw SGF from here Takabe Dohei vs. Honinbo Shusai

Looking in a text editor, it looks like the bracketing structure is different from an example downloaded from OGS, as is the use of return lines - so you’re right. This is file specific. I’m not familiar with the SGF spec, but it seems legit given I can display in another editor… I suspect this is about the use of ( bracket

Example file here for simplicity:

(;CA[utf-8]GM[1]AP[WGo.js:2]SZ[19]FF[4]DT[1912-10-02]PB[Takabe Dohei]BR[5p]PW[Honinbo Shusai]

So there’s always a number of things it could be, but I recalled the sgf parser having issues with results so just taking out the result works. (or if one wanted to amend it W+R or something it should also work).



Brilliant! That is indeed what it is. I’m surprised the parser has an issue with something so specific!

I’ve modified the SGF’s, full set now uploads, ready for a bit of study ahead of my lesson with @Yoonyoung tomorrow :slight_smile:

Thanks again for taking a look.