Sgf not downloadable


I just started a non-ranked game (a lesson someone is gracefully giving me) and I am not able to download the sgf. No error message, Download SGF is just grayed out (as are analyse, review and plan).
This is the game:

Not 100% sure, but I think the .sgf download is disabled in games with analysis disabled (that is optional when creating a game). After the game finishes, the download should be possible once again


Yes. @Adam3141 is correct. In games with analysis disabled the sgf is only available once the game has ended.

Strange to have an unranked lesson/teaching game with analysis off. I would always set up with analysis enabled in such a game.
If your opponent agrees, you could resign and restart the game with analysis on. I see no problem with this since it is unranked and only 8 moves in.

Thanks for all the answers. The situation is clear to me now.