SGF ranks bug

Seems a new bug that appeared today.
Download any SGF from OGS with at least one player rated 1kyu or lower.
Look at the kyu player’s rating in the SGF.
It seems there’s a drop of at least ‘10k’ or ‘20k’, in the SGF file.
Example: ‘1k’ becomes ‘29k’, or ‘4k’ becomes ‘26k’, in the SGF.

The bot’s 1k became 29k; the human 6k became 24k.

There has been problem in the server update. The developer is already working on it

Satomi, thank you.

This has nothing to do with the other problems. It looks like the export of ranks got messed up.

Due to the more pressing issues right now, it could take some weeks until gets fixed.

Hi flovo, thanks. It seems a bit strange this bug just popped up yesterday. Maybe it’s a much more involved bug. Hmm. Thanks.

I’m sure the bug was introduced with the last server update, but is not related to the other problems we had.

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