SGF uploaded to "My Library" behaves mostly like a normal game, but does not record post-hoc chat logs

I uploaded an SGF to “My Library” and when people leave comments and variations on it, they disappear on reload. is the game. It’s happened for comments from dneg, Kaworu Nagisa & me & should be easy to replicate.

Is this any change, or just the chat and variations?

Seems to be anything. I guess there’s some difference in backend storage such that the new chat logs, etc. end up not being appended.

Obviously the workaround is to open a review, but it’s surprising behaviour.

Thanks for the information.

That matches my experience, but I didn’t trust my recall.

As input, what would you want to be able to change? And what would you want to be protected?

There may be some restrictions based on the method of storage, but I do not know enough to even guess there.

Thanks for the clarifying questions, Traveller.

I think games that look the same in terms of UI should behave the same in terms of storage, IYSWIM.