SGF Uploading, Reviews, Libraries

Hey all,

I understand that there are other posts on these topics, but I would just like to emphasize my desire for a few things:

  1. Easy uploading of sgf files for demos. If I want to put up some game reviews and things on my profile for people to look through, I have to play moves and input comments manually. That is really strange.
  2. I don’t really understand the library collections. It doesn’t seem to be accessible by others, and I can’t edit or remove things from a collection once I’ve uploaded them. I was hoping the editing I do on past reviews of mine and things of that sort could be done on OGS after uploading, not before.
  3. I also see no way to remove things from my Reviews section. I started a demo and manually placed moves and comments into it, transcribing it all from an sgf I had open via MultiGo (the tedium…). I stopped shortly after beginning because it is just too tedious. I would rather wait until this functionality is (hopefully) implemented.

Personally, the full ability to upload, edit, and share games, reviews and more is the sole thing missing for me on OGS. For my purposes, OGS is not far from perfect otherwise.

I am a Go teacher. I am hoping that OGS can be not only my main all-purpose Go server (and online sgf editor), but also my teaching hub. I am hoping OGS will be like a Github for Go players and Go teachers, and for the latter, perhaps even almost like a LinkedIn. I’m not asking for more than what I’ve mentioned though. I just think it’s strange to be unable to edit or remove sgf’s and to be unable to easily upload sgf files for public viewing on our profile pages. The libraries thing is really cool too, but what matters most to me is being able to store my files as uploadable, editable, removable…basically fully manipulable sgf’s that appear right on my profile for everyone to see. As a Go teacher, this would allow current and prospective students to access examples of my teaching and of my serious games, to name just a few things. For one thing, I am hoping to be able to upload a collection of game reviews of all sorts, publicly and hopefully in a well-sorted or sortable manner.

Thank you!


I second this.

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