SGF viewer inside forum doesn't fit

Hi there,

this is a bug (or something similar) of the forum, not the site.

I just opened topic “Mark5000’s Guide to the Opening (v2)” and noticed that the SGF viewer cuts the annotations:

Tested both on Chrome and Firefox on desktop PC.


Yeah, it’s been bugging me for ages :smiley: but I am not sure we can fix it as eidogo seems to have a fixed width and no responsivity whatsoever (maybe switch to something other than eidogo completely?) I will try to look around if I remember.


Might I suggest BesoGo? It is an open-source, responsive, SGF viewer/editor.

Full disclosure: I wrote BesoGo.

Other options: WGo and Glift


BesoGo is really GREAT !! Check it out!


I just noticed this too. Arg! Any chance you have given the issue another thought @AdamR?

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Not much. It certainly is doable, but requires rights (and knowledge) I do not posses. So it will have to wait for the actual developers.

And as usually people just link the game to OGS anyway as it provides much more tools it’s not really urgent I am afraid and thus we will have to bear with it for some time still. :confused:

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I wish the news was different. All the same, I think you for providing us an update. I sincerely appreciate it :wink:

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