SGF with Ai Review not working

Just tried to download one of my older games with AI review and found out that it does not work.

The link I tried is this one here, but it looks like it’s broken for all games:

The feature is not super important for me, but I thought I’d rather report the bug instead of ignoring it.

Hello and thank you for taking the time to report :slight_smile:

Indeed I can confirm it is broken sitewide, I have relayed the info onto anoek, hopefully he finds the time to get to it, though admitadelly it might not be a top priority right away.


I reported this on github about a month ago and in the help channel before that and it’s not even acknowledged yet. Is it just not a priority at all? I don’t want to pay for a service that I can’t use.


It works now.

This game in particular: Play Go at! | OGS doesn’t work for me still, and exhibits the same problem I described in my own post.

I guess that is because neither of the two players is a site supporter, so there simply is no AI review to download.

I just downloaded the SGF of your game, uploaded it into my SGF library and triggered the AI Review. Afterwards the “SGF with AI Review” works.

Try it here: Play Go at! | OGS

No, that’s not it, there IS something wrong on our side, sorry about that. Are you @anahata having the same trouble with some other games? I have checked a few and it seems to be working.

I’ve tried other games, but that specific game–my first win against a human player–is not working. That’s the one I’m most interested in, too. :frowning:

Not sure if this is important, but in this game @anahata’s chat name is golden (supporter), but the profile pic name is not.
Normally if you are a supporter both are golden.

Somewhere in this game the transition from non supporter to supporter was made.

You’re right, I did make the decision to upgrade in the middle of that game. Sorry, misunderstood the original statement. I really shouldn’t reply to forum posts immediately after waking up. :slight_smile:

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