Shameless self promotion

I won my first game against my teacher today :slight_smile:
I am roughly Australian 8th kyu and he is 5th Dan
I now get the privilege of playing him with 8 stones instead of 9.

Final position:


Lol! Well done. Always nice to beat your teacher. Be prepared for revenge next game :slight_smile:

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Well done. Technically, if your true rank difference is 9 stones, you should win around 40% of all games. If itโ€™s 8 stones, that number goes up to almost 60% (in a 9 stone game).

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@smurph my rank is still in flux, but best current guess of rank difference is 13 lol but once you understand the power of influence and sente (which is what Iโ€™m told the entire point of high handicap stone games is) apparently 9 stones is enough for much more than 9 ranks and that only the first 4-6 stones match appropriately at 1 stone per rank. This is why youโ€™ll hear many dan players, even low rank ones, saying even top pros could not beat them with 9 stones. I wonder if the same would be true of a high handicap trained bot :wink:

I am being immediately promoted to 8 stones for our next game :wink: haha

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