Sharing Wifi

Hello. My brother is visiting me. He tried to open an account, but he gets my account. Is there any way that this can be fixed? If it is not possible, I dont mind closing my account so that he can access the system. Thank you

unless I am missing something, the solution is very simple :slight_smile:

To explain:
It is your browser that remembers who is logged in. Unless your original account got banned or something we do not interfere from our side at all and your wifi (IP adress) has no relevance.

To solve:
There is several ways for your brother to log into his account.

  • He might use a different browser. Thus the new browser will hold is information and lets say when you open firefox you will be logged in, and when you open chrome he will be logged in

  • you can log out. Click the upper left OGS logo and at the bottom of the menu choose logoout. Your brother can then log in with his credentials. When you want to play again, you will have to repeat the process and log him out.

  • start an incognito mode of browsing (that ignores remembered log-ins) your brother will just log in and when you close the browsing and start normal again your account will still be logged in. If your brother wants to play again he will have to input his credentials (name and password) again.

It is the same for most online services :slight_smile:


Good to hear that some brotherly indoctrination is going on. I have three brothers and two sisters. So far I’ve only managed to get one brother to learn the game.

Progress is slow!


By using incigniti mode, you can do it . Try doing this . Maybe I was helpful. Thankyou


Seems he didn’t get the message…