Should there be a reminding sound before removing stones

I suppose in chess competition the move before “execution” would comes with a reminding sound, to tell opponent that the fatal “execution” is the next. Go, however, there is nothing. So if sometime you did not remove your opponent’s dead stones due to playing efficiency, during later course of games your live ones would be dead. I am not talking about striking back by superb strategy, but by the regular interacting on boundary areas. Of course, it’s your mistake if you are careless, however, is winning by your opponents one second carelessness really a decent win? hope I made it clear.

In some circles one could tell their opponent that their stone(s) are in atari but I think this is far from a typical action in the Go world and I’m not sure it would really be a welcome or useful addition for the majority of people.

Sometimes you win because of carelessness, sometimes you lose by it… that’s the nature of the game, right?


It would be strange to have something like that, it would take away the advantage about the ability of each one to count their own stones liberties.

Calling “Atari” is usually on done with beginners.

It can be seen as an insult for a more experienced player as it implies that they can’t see it for themselves.

And it could get quite annoying, particularly in an extended Ko Fight.