Show current player info on game page

I would like to request that current player info be shown on the game page. Currently it shows the rank at the time of the game start. It makes it hard to keep up with my own rank to see a different rank on every page. It makes it hard to understand why a “weaker” player is beating me so badly sometimes.

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Currently it is
BarackObama (16k)
It is a good suggestion that it could show
BarackObama (16k/13k)
where the former is rank at the beginning of the game and latter is the current rank. This would sadly increase the data shown on the page so more confusion to people.
I don’t personally see a big problem of it showing the rank at the beginning of the game.
My feeling is simple = good. So I like current system

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The current behavior is an artifact of the recent switch to show historical rank information for games as opposed to current ranks (so when you pull up a 2 year old game, it shows you what the player ranks were when the game was played).

The split rank view is certainly an option - I’d love some more discussions / suggestions around this topic before we make any decisions though, thoughts anyone?

I looked at saxmaam’s profile and in his game history all games show him as 16k? I do see he has different ranks listed in the active games

Well, that’s the thing. Shouldn’t it be the other way around?

My vote is for it to always show rating at the beginning of the game. In active games and in the game history.

With all that whitespace … wouldn’t it be simply possible to show both initial and current rank? I’ve often had ideas for small changes of the game page design which would (IMHO) make a little more efficient use of the space but never had the time to create a mock-up.