"Sign in" button working about one out of ten times

Yesterday and today I’ve had the same trouble when trying to log in to ogs, using the website on Firefox 107.0.1 on linux.


I enter my username and password, then I click the big blue “Sign in” button, then nothing happens.

Normally, when I click the button, it slightly changes colour for a short moment to show me that I’ve clicked it, and then I’m logged in and redirected to the home page.

But yesterday and today, I click the button, and nothing happens. Not only am I not logged in nor redirected to the home page, but there is no visual indication that I’ve clicked the button. At first I thought it was my mouse that wasn’t working. But every other link and button works well, only the OGS “sign in” button doesn’t work.

The only work-around I’ve found is close the tab, reopen a new tab, enter OGS’ url again and try again. And most of the time it doesn’t work, but after about ten times closing the tab and reopening it, sometimes it works.

Today I got a variant, I clicked the “sign in” button and a pop-up appeared, with a big red cross and the message “Request was throttled.” Which I guess is just because I tried logging in too many times.

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I’ve seen this behavior before. The sign in button doesn’t look like it’s doing anything, but when you reload the page, you’re actually already signed in.

Oh yes, that definitely happened at least once yesterday.

But not always. Most of the times when if I reopened an OGS tab, I wasn’t signed in.

It’s possible that when I got the “request throttled” pop-up, I was already signed in. I’m not sure. I only got the pop-up once.

Yes, I too have been experiencing trouble with the sign-in button being either slow or non-responsive, over the past 3 or 4 days. Moving the cursor has helped trigger it, or clicking the button a second time. It hasn’t yet failed completely, but it is always worrisome.