Signed in with Google - Change Username?


Done. You may have to log out of the forums to see the change reflected here.


Admin! Can you change my name to Jp2dj1. Thanks.




Hi, sorry to borther, but could you change my username to “c.l.a.u.d.i.a” ? :slight_smile:




Thank you so much, Vincent !


Hi admins,

So sorry to disturb you with this need so recurring.
I signed up with my Google account too, and I’m not comfortable with being displayed with my name due to privacy issues.

I would be pleased by being called BorX (with uppercases for first and last letters).
But I’m stunned by discovering another account called borx (in lowercase) currently marked as provisional until 5 more games have been played.
Does this account sleep for a long time ago ?

Thank you in advance.



As you have already found out, another account with name “borx” already exists, therefore we cannot rename your account to “BorX”.

So, do you have a Plan B, as in alternative name wishes?

Greetings, Tom

p.s.: Pls don’t worry about “disturbing” us — I think I can speak for all mods when I say that our wish to support the OGS community is why we all agreed to become OGS moderators :slight_smile: :heart:


Thanks for your reply.

Even if the account “borx” is currently marked as provisional for a long time ago? (never played any game) :confused:

For a Plan B, let’s say BorX_Fr

Thank you very much.

You are devoted. I imagine this is the boring side of mods tasks.
As jgk sayed:

We had it this way until a month or two ago, but it was abused too often.[/quote]
Maybe offering this feature one time per month to prevent abuse? (or just one time)


p.s.:Sorry for english mistakes (from Google Translate)


Well, we don’t know the reasons, and maybe they want to return … so I for one would want to keep away from that.

But maybe other, more experienced, moderators have better ideas about this?

Until then I’ll stick with Plan B and thus have changed your user name to BorX_Fr:

Please remember to log out of the forum and back in to have the name change reflected here also.


I fully understand. It’s all right. :wink:
Thank you very much for your action, and your devotion. :relaxed:
BorX :yum:


Hello OGS team,
would you be so kind to change my username to monoelemento (or mono.elemento or mono_elemento or monox)? And would it be possible to switch from the login through google, which i have now, to login by username and password? Since I am going to delete my Gmail account.
Thank you very much!


Hello, I signed up via Facebook. Could you change my username to stev12 please, I am really not a fan of my last name. Thank you



Enjoy :slight_smile:


About the password: please PM me either here or on the server after you’ve logged back in, OK? Then I can put in a password and msg or mail it you. (Or if some other moderator knows an easier way please do so :slight_smile: )

Both: Please log out of the forum and back in to have the change reflected here also.


Good afternoon, same issue on my side.
Can you please change to JSF or JSF777 if the former is not availble ?
Thank you very much !




Could my username be changed to “BenPlayingGo?” ?


Done! :sparkles::unicorn::sparkles:


Can I please get my account name changed to KITE0080? I’d like to uniform my online name with KGS if that’s possible.


There is already a player by that name. Is it you?