Simple timer displays wrong time

I was playing some blitz games with a simple timer set to 12 seconds. However at the beginning of each turn, the timer was displaying 22 seconds. When the turn reached 10 seconds left, I heard the voice announce “Ten…” and then I timed out. So apparently the game was displaying one time, but using another.

Mm interesting, is this every time for you or was it just that game?

I’m pretty sure that it happened to me two games in a row. The second time I was paying more attention to the clock because I had just timed out of the previous game.

This post came up first so I’ll just reply here.

I had almost the same thing happening me today, 3 times in a row so probably repeatable. (Beeing lazy here and not testing immediately).

Timer was set on 8s/move.
The announcer starts at 10/s and the time on the right shows 10/s as well. You time out when those reach 3s.

“Simple” time control always has this bug. If you set it to 5 minutes it will display 5 min 10 secs. When 10 secs left you lose.
Tested it in “blitz”(displays 20 secs instead of 10) and in “live”.