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Current site policy is that you’re not supposed to leave the tab, enforced by a disconnect timer that the player won’t get to see. As long as that’s the case, we should not be putting up any notifications encouraging players to leave a tab with a live game. I guess it could be okay with a warning pop-up, or if it only shows the correspondence games when you have already navigated away from your live one. But it seems better to use that space to direct people to their live game, even when it’s not their turn.

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As a player, I would interpret this more as “don’t escape/finish your games properly (scoring/resign)” than an actual restriction on leaving the tab. If leaving (but I guess it really means “closing” there) the board wasn’t ok, I think I’d never want to play slow live games against slow players again.
In my opinion if you manage to finish the games correctly and without wasting or the intention to waste your opponent’s time changing tab to play another game or do anything that is not cheating is ok.
But I guess not everyone thinks so. If I’m wrong please let me understand why, I don’t want to be annoying


This is my strictly personal opinion and it probably doesn’t represent a whole lot of people:

Unless I’ve agreed to simuls, I’m a bit annoyed when my opponent keeps getting their disconnection clock running by switching between who knows how many games.

Because I don’t know if they’re actually disconnected or just elsewhere, which stresses me out.

Also, I feel like my opponent doesn’t respect our game enough to just play without doing a million other things at the same time. Like people who go out with you for dinner and are always on their phones.

(I don’t remember exactly the discussion here, but I had said something like when there’s a family dinner and someone walks around eating, and someone replied something like “but in buffet settings you do that”. My point exactly, in buffet settings. When everyone comes with the expectation that there will be walking around. If someone just decides to behave differently than the agreed setting, it tends to make people uncomfortable).

Anyway, that’s just my personal feelings on the matter.


Okay, I see. Thanks for explaining it.
Maybe I didn’t explain myself well though.
I meant that I don’t see staying focused in the game (especially during my opponents turn) as an obligation. Maybe I played too much correspondence, idk. I usually leave the tab open (so no disconnection timer) and come back immediately as soon as I see “your turn”, ending up being much faster than my opponent most of the time.
Do you think it would be fair to specify to my opponents that I might do something else at the same time?


I understand, this is just a difference in opinion :woman_shrugging:t2:

Personally, if my opponents added “simul” in the challenge title at least I’d know what to expect.

The notification circle function already supports this by opening a new tab when you click it and you’re looking at a live game, leaving you connected to the current one.


That’s what I was saying here. I don’t like it very much but I understand now that it’s useful to have it that way, but I expect a player not to forget for more than 5 minutes that he has a live game.

In my opinion, live games appear more often by cycling, but that might just be a wrong impression. I’ll try it out :slight_smile:

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It really does mean that. For the reason that Gia pointed out.

But the solution is easy: leave the tab open :smiley:

I hadn’t seen the second part and I panicked a bit, I thought you were confirming that changing tab while keeping the game open was not ok.
Maybe I got a little confused. For me, “leaving” is also just changing tabs, not necessarily closing them.
But you know that my English is bad :sweat_smile:

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It’s a good one to clarify.

From the server’s perspective (and your opponent’s perspective) you “leave” the game if you disconnect from it. This is when the disconnection timer kicks in, and your opponent sees the lightning bolt, and gets that sinking feeling :sweat_smile:

The server, and your opponent, has very limited ability to tell if you are looking at a different tab. As far as it is concerned, you are still in the game.


So looking at another tab is better than closing it practically only because the opponent notices it, it does not make much sense to me but I don’t see solutions, I think the disconnection timer is useful.
But this means that cycling live games (like KGS does I think) can’t really be done because it would start the disconnection timer every time, a player who wants to play simul live games without being disconnected has to keep tabs open.
It just takes me longer to close a tab that opens because I found a live game than it does to decide and send a move usually :sweat_smile: but I also realize that (fortunately) almost no one else plays in this way

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I agree that the idea of cycling games in a simul remains problematic even with the solution proposed here :cry:

It’s almost as if you need a browser extension for this (managing the tabs for you, taking you to the next tab).


… or maybe the ability to have more than one game on a single tab/page !?


It makes sense, however with “a lot” of games I think the gobans would get very small. Maybe there could be a goban that cycles for correspondence games

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I didn’t know that! I’ll check when my laptop is available again.

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