Simultaneous moves?

Hello, I’m new to GO, so I’m not sure if rules like that exist (simply not Chinese). I thought it would be a bit more fair to let both players decide their moves independently, submit and then if they decided the same move half of times goes one, half goes the other (can start with black). The one that couldn’t move where he wanted get additional time to plan his response. The idea came to me, when I had to play white for the first time and realised that it’s quite a different game (I was playing 9x9). I think it would be more fair and could make strategy even more interesting (by planning when you have the advantage of the “first move” (especially ko fights)). As I said I’m new to GO, so I’m not sure whether something like this exists and I don’t know about it or whether it could be something new. Anyway I would like to know your thoughts :smile:

There is a Go proverb that goes “My opponents good move is my good move,” so people would be choosing the same point a lot. And it would add an element of luck to the game, when no luck is supposed to be involved whatsoever. Extra time on the clock is not going to make up for a stone on a desirable point being the wrong color. Instead W gets compensation for going second, which I think is fair. I also pondered the idea of B plays 1 stone, W plays 2, B plays 2, W plays 2, etc. in order to eliminate the first move advantage completely. However because playing one at a time has become so standard, it would be like eliminating the tackle from (American) football, adding or subtracting a base from baseball, or removing the space behind the goal from hockey; it would not catch on.

However there are many interesting variants of Go that people play for fun, which you can read about at My personal favorite is lottery go, where the stone you play is usually your own color.


Both what he mentioned and what you mentioned are chess variants. What you mentioned with 1 move, 2 moves, 2 moves, 2 moves, etc. is called Marseilles Chess. So I suppose the Go version would be Marseilles Go. What he mentioned has been tried in a couple different approaches for simultaneous chess, not to be confused with simul matches.

They work in chess, so why not in go?

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It wouldn’t add luck if the “first move advantage” would go once to one and once to the other one alternately, so for example the first time we both want to move on the same spot B moves first, if the same situation occurs again W has the advantage, then B, then W. There is no randomness involved

There could also be added an exception for ko fights. If both players want to start the same ko fight, meaning that the one with advantage would kill first making move of the other one less beneficial (as he wouldn’t kill). Or more generally if your move would kill stone(s) that I required to kill your stone(s) in my move.

Lets say B is on A1 and B2, W is on A2, now B wants to move on A3 (killing W on A2) and W wants to move on B1 (killing B on A1). Assuming W has an advantage B’s move is still possible but less beneficial (because he won’t kill anymore). So that could be another exception to let B change his move.