Site Advertising?

It doesn’t appear on any other site and it functions a lot like the private chat.

Why am I seeing this?

This doesn’t come from us.

I’d suggest checking your computer for malware!

If you get to it, try installing MBAM and see if it detects malicious adware/spybots. Hope this helps :blush:

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By the looks of it, I would say you have a programm called “Awesome Screenshot Plus” installed which does that.

/edit: This seems to be a browser extension.

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Chiming in to confirm that that ad is not from us.

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Same opinion from me:
You caught yourself a malicious “Browser Help Object” or even a “Text Enhancer” which displays ads.
MBAM is one good way to try to get rid of it, AdwCleaner another, google for those keywords…

And: If you haven’t got it already, add “NoScript” to your FF!

Yes, it’s even in @SunPin’s own screenshot:

(see bottom line)


Thank you, gentlemen.

Had no script. It was awesome screenshot as trodhe spotted.

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