Site behaving weirdly for anyone else?

I’ve been trying to access the site for the past hour. A lot of weird things seem to be going on, though.

First off, it says that connection to the game server is lost, despite my connection working fine, and the game list loading normally. Attempts to load individual games, however, do indeed end in failure.

Secondly, rather than the banner ads at the top of the screen, I get the request to disable and adblock… despite the fact that I’ve had GS whitelisted since I joined.

I dunno… it’s just generally weird, and I’m afraid of my games timing out if it’s a problem on my end. DX

anyone else having these problems?

Do you see any errors on your javascript console? We have a pretty thorough monitoring and alerting platform that lets us know when bad things are happening and it’s been all quiet here.

Seems to work fine for me, just played a game without issues and have not seen any weird things on the site either

yeah, it was on my end. sorry for the alarm. DX thanks for the swift response, though!