Site Supporter Issue

Exactly three weeks of seeing those banners for no reason already. Any ideas so far?

Having the Problem for a few days now as well.

I am a Supporter already. Checked my PayPal but everything looks fine. My profile doesn’t say I am a Supporter anymore.
When I click on become a Supporter ogs says I am already one… Please help me

Okay, everyone should be fixed up now, including you @IcedEarth :slight_smile: Sorry about that!

@jnkstry, see my PM to you… we can discuss this more there rather than on this topic.


Great, it’s working as expected now :smiley:

@matburt, could you please also address my first question here about the subscription functionality? When I was ill and got into a hospital, I’ve cancelled all my auto-payments, and OGS has brought a surprise then.



Same problem here, became a site supporter yesterday, chose Credit Card but ads are still there and no mention of me being a supporter on my profile. When clicking to become a supporter I’m told that I am. What should I do? Thanks for your help.

Sorry for the delay @regisrain , sometimes (often) I miss stuff on the forums - I’ve patched up your account, sorry about that! I’m going to be revamping the supporter system soon to permanently fix all these issues. Thanks for the support!

If/when others find this thread, it’s best to email me directly at and I’ll get you fixed up ASAP.


It may not be the worst idea to modify the “Contact Information” page to include this. Right now, I would expect most people reading that to understand that they should not email to get support for this.