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I have cancelled my subscription recently but it still says that I am a site supporter. Is that normal?

Cancelling just stops the next payment, you will still have access to the site supporter privileges until your existing payment runs out :slight_smile: thank you for your contribution

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Is there a way to know that date from within the site?
As an example: I did a one year subscription and I don’t remember the date for my payment.
Of course I can check my bank account for logs, but I wonder if I could get that information from OGS.

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I think recurring payments don’t say what date they’re coming out, maybe that should be fixed… but if I’m not mistaken a once off pament will say what date it expires on the supporter page.

I checked that but I can’t find it in that page.

For me there are some details at the very bottom (deleted some elements for privacy) but on my recurring payment screen there is no date mentioned.



I don’t have that.
Maybe it’s just for monthly subscriptions.
Or maybe it’s my issue (we had some problems when activating).
But I don’t see that box in the “Support OGS” page nor in my profile.