Sitewide tournament schedule

If I read the schedule correctly, the live tournaments are scheduled on what I’d consider ungodly hours for European timezones.

If I don’t read it correctly, please guide me.
If I do, is there in the works any plan to host live tournaments that don’t clash with our old-world beauty sleep?

Correspondence tournaments are fun, but I don’t feel adequately crashed, bruised and beaten. :woman_shrugging:

Sitewide Live and blitz tournaments happen on a rolling schedule (every four hours). So there should be times that work for everyone.


Oh, my mistake then; I only happen upon correspondence during the day, but I guess it was a coincidence.

And for reference (for whoever’s reading)

I’m under the impression it displays the time in your timezone or maybe uses browser settings? I’m not bothered messing with it to figure out, since someone probably already knows :slight_smile:


The page indeed shows my local time, I’ll check in during the day tomorrow to verify. :slightly_smiling_face: