Size 17 goban

I very much like the size 17^2 board. It was the original goban size; the first known size 19^2 goban is dated as from the 6th century, I believe. I would like to see the 17^2 board recognized on OGS and allowed to be used in ranked games.

About the first 19^2 goban being dated from the 6th century, that can’t possibly be true…

About having 17x17 allowed for rated games, I have no strong opinion.

Edit: there is actually some discussion over this (found info in ). Either way, seems true 17x17 were used before 19x19.

You’re not alone, I wish other sizes could be ranked too.
I made a custom 15x15 board (easier to carry) to play at the club and it allows us to play two games in a session instead of playing one interminable 19x19 game. It also made possible to play a game at the lunch break when I was studying.
The other option for a shorter game, 13x13, is too cramped in comparison.
An intermediate size between those two could be relevant imo.

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Ah, you are correct that there are recorded games on 19^2 games predating the 6th century, I think what I meant was the oldest physical board artifact. I could still be wrong though. I don’t remember where I read it.

I agree, 13^2 is too cramped

'In the early days of baduk, the game was played on a 17x17 board, and this was the standard size all the way up until the Chinese Tang Dynasty(618-907) when 19x19 took over.'

Found the source, I didn’t remember the fact quite right.

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