(Smart)Go Books Now Also On OS X; Android Version In Development

I don’t know whether you‘re aware of it, but Anders Kierulf’s wonderful application “SmartGo Books”, meanwhile renamed to “Go Books” , formerly only available for iOS , now is also available for OS X (beginning with 10.9 Mavericks).

Any purchases made on one platform are immediately available on the other, given that you have registered both with the same email address.

Aaaaaaaaah, the happiness!



Thanks for sharing. :blush:

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I guess I should’ve added that the page also says that an Android version is in development.

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oh really?! Finally! I have been waiting for an Android version.

Anders Kierulf is becoming one of my heroes :slight_smile:

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Any date given for when it will be released on Android?

All I know is what can be read on the linked Web page:

Android version has been in development for 5 years…
Maybe this is new though.

I would have thought porting it to Android and the Java based Dalvik kernel would be easier than iOS. But perhaps there are other business reasons.