So, I have tried to learn from the last review (24k vs 22k)

Would appreciate a review of this. I tried to keep in mind the things that were pointed out when the last game was reviewed, not fixing things that dont need fixing immediately, keeping an eye on the larger spaces. I have also tried to keep in mind my shape and connection, as I find this helps me to see if something needs fixing or not.

I have also been trying to find the right time to take larger spaces.

I feel like in this game I did these things relatively well, however the margin was still very close, so I could obviously still do the better!

Also did some dumb things like not seeing a ladder until i was 5 stones into it, forgetting that I had planned to sacrifice a stone then trying to save it anyway and I completely messed up a life and death problem in the upper left.

Also, could someone advise me on review request ettiquette? What is reasonable and what is spam?

Thanks in advance and all advice gratefully appreciated!

Hi again!

I left a quick review. Hope it helps!

Once again, I got to watch as you did the review :stuck_out_tongue: Bit squirmy when you saw me get 5 stones into a ladder!

Very useful, thanks!

Don’t worry about it and ask away. :slight_smile: Unless everybody stops answering you’re fine. If someone does not feel like giving a review he/she can easily ignore, it is not bothering anybody. Just try to pick games that could provide a usefull review (Not blitz games for example :slight_smile: )


I looked at the first 100 moves. The one thing I notice is: you’re too safe and risk averse. You’re too worried about yourself and your own groups that you’ll respond to pretty much any move of your opponent.

You have to remember that not every move of your opponent is something to worry about, or something to answer right away. You have to look for chances to take control of the game. You have to be willing to look at a group and say “this is fine” and leave for something worth more points.