[Software] Reviewing 9x9 Games With CPU Only

I am a 16K player who has played 1,500 or so games during the last 4 months; all on the 9x9. About a month ago I decided to add Leela to my studies. I review my games myself, pick out areas where I feel I made a mistakes, and then see what Leela would suggest for those troubled moves. I’m hoping that this practice will ultimately help me to consider different types of move responses, as well as, to find weaknesses in my own reasoning. So far, I feel it has been rather informative.

I see a lot of discussion about Leela Zero, and different weight files that were trained using different sources. My GPU supports OpenCL 1.0 sadly, so I cannot use the GPU version of Leela or LZ. I’m curious if…

  1. Are there are any other programs that I might consult for my reviewing practices?

  2. Is there a way to change out Leela’s weight file to receive different perspectives/play-style feedback from Leela?

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much!

  1. You can also try the good old Leela Master
  2. You can replace the weight file, but I wouldn’t expect much of it.