(SOLVED ALREADY) Country flags?

I vaguely remember it being mentioned somewhere already, but is there any chance the country flags will come back to life in-game?
It’s nice to discover when your opponent speaks you mother tongue so you can exchange some trash-talk etc…


I really don’t see the harm of putting a miniature flag in the lower right corner of the profile image, as it used to be. On the other hand, I do see a significant advantage for exactly the same reason Adam3141 pointed out.

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Was there a tool tip that revealed the country’s name for those who aren’t up on international flags? (There’s really only about a half dozen needed; everyone lives under the benevolent protection of one of the actual or would be world hegemons.)

There still is. On mouse hover the name is revealed. Even on the international ones.

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Yaaaaay, Anoek is too modest to say anything but flags are back :slight_smile: <3
That man is working so fast it’s hard to keep up. :slight_smile: :heart_eyes:


Actually I think @mlopezviedma is to thank for that one :slight_smile:


My mistake, thanks to everyone involved anyway, but my special thanks to @mlopezviedma then :slight_smile: :kissing_heart: