[SOLVED]Broadcasting KidoCup 2018 Hamburg, Germany

Hello folks,

we plan to broadcast the top boards of the KidoCup-Tournament 2018 (http://kidocup.go-turniere.de/en/about-the-tournament/) in Hamburg on KGS and OGS.
Asides simply relaying the game I wanted to ask if there are any special features available for these broadcasts - such as announcements and so on and who do I need to contact?

Thank you :slight_smile:


Very cool … so I can at least follow the top games :slight_smile:

Summoning @anoek for the technical details.

And linking the announcement post here for convenience:

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I wanted to ask if it is possible to open one of these little notes that popup here and then announcing a Go-Twitch-Stream or LeelaGame on the upper right when we start a game or if this is reserved for very special events :wink:

It’s normally OK to put a banner up for streamers who play on ogs, just message one of the mods in chat asking for a banner and a link to your stream

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Yes, @LittleLives, banners should sure be possible for those games … but better ask one of the more active moderators, not me—I’m not too familiar with these technical things.

Oh, and I think it’s good talk to them a few days in advance, not in the last minute.


I got in touch with a german mod who will assist us on that - thank you for your suggestions :slight_smile:
therefore marking this topic as solved :+1: