[SOLVED] Can I have my ID changed back to CrazyCanuck?

I wanted to get a fresh start (after actually doing some reading) and was foolish in thinking I could just append an _old to my ID, abandon it and create a new CrazyCanuck ID.
As it happens I have reached the account limit. I also do not want to create an e-mail address just for this or login using my SNS accounts. All this lead me to abandon the idea of starting over.
Now however, my ID is accessorized with _old.
If I may ask that my ID be changed back to CrazyCanuck, that would be much appreciated.
This being my fault I completely understand if the change is not granted. I’ll wait out the 30 days, or I might even grow fond of the ID as a whole.

Sure, that’s no trouble, you have your old name back :slight_smile:

Thank you so very much.
Your response was so quick that it’s almost scary.

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hehe :slight_smile: