[Solved] Lost icons on Firefox

Hi there,

I heard there are some problems with Firefox, but this seems to be different. I noticed it today.
The site works fine, all data are available, but in the game page all “arrows” (bottom) and almost all icons of dock (right) have disappeared.

Also there are some strange characters (see the name of my opponent in the chat).

Any suggestion?

I have Firefox Quantum v60.0 (64 bit).
It just had an upgrade. Issue was present before and still is after the upgrade.

Everything is fine on Chrome and IE

Something missing also in friendlist:


Yea, allow online-go.com, ravenjs.com and some cdn.cloudflare.com thingie in noscript / your favourite java-blocker.

I’m apparently also using quantum… works for me.


Yup, I can achieve a very similar (although not completely identical) effect by blocking cloudflare.js

Try disabling all addons for a sec, to see if that can be the issue? :slight_smile:

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I disabled AsBlock but nothing changed.

I don’t have any other addon

I don’t think I have anything other that blocks java.

I’m considering to reinstall Firefox.


I uninstalled and installed again Firefox and all works fine


uBlock Origin > AdBlock
Add in noscript; even though you have to manually allow everything, it keeps a lot of shit from reaching your computer.

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