Someone above 4kyu reveiw this game please?

Hi there, im looking for a high level player to reveiw the game below for me. Its a game i won, but id still like a revewi to squeeze out the most I can from it.

Without being rude to kyu levels above me, if like a dan level player to reveiw the game if at all possible, but id be more than happy for anyone a few ranks stronger than 7kyu to reveiw this game.

I play white.

And thank you, I super appriciate the help. And any tips, advice and other suggestions you can make for me to help improve my game.

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I’m a 4k right now, but I reviewed my review with Leela, who is a Dan :slight_smile: Here’s our combined review:

General takeaways from this:

  • You played well out of the opening. Up to the reduction on the right, you were playing close to optimal moves.
  • On the side reduction, you came away with a very weak, and somewhat isolated, group on the right. Make sure, when you invade like that, that either you know where your group is running to, or else can live locally.
  • You played a lot of aji-keshi moves on the top that made things unnecessarily difficult. Remember than playing a forcing move generally means you lose out on other forcing moves, later. In particular, G16 cost you the ability to connect under your opponent’s group.
  • In general, focus more on connecting your groups. You often save small groups of stones when you could play lightly with them and just connect up on the outside. Connecting weak groups to other weak groups often results in strong groups.
  • Don’t be greedy! You played some great moves to surround the top-center of the board, but then decided to try to kill the corner, too, while you still had some majorly weak cuts. Your opponent gets to have things, as well, just make sure that what you’re getting is bigger.
  • Be very attentive about the security of your weak groups. At various points in time, the top group, right group, and left group could all have been killed.
  • Make sure you aren’t forcing your opponent to hurt your groups. While reducing the center, you gave your opponent a wall separating the top and the right. For the next 40 moves, your opponent could probably have killed the right group if they realized it was weak.

This is exactly what i was looking for. While i wont pretend to have absorbed all you have said in one sitting. I will however be coming back to this reveiw… several times.

I felt bad about this game from what happened at the top of the board onward and to be quite honest… i should not have won that game. Im glad i did win, but i should not have.

I feel like there are some lessons in the things you have said that are really going to help me improve my game so im really very greatful for doing this for me.

Would it be at all possible for you to play a learning game with me as well? Corrospondece if at all possible because im on my phone and currently have no computer.

If not then still, im very greatful for you giving up your time for me.


Sure! I’m just ckersch on OGS. Feel free to send me an invite. No promises as to the quality of my moves, but I’ll do my best :slight_smile:


I have absolutely no dount i can learn a thing or two from you.

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How do you do that? I miss the computer analysis from, I learned so much chess from those, it makes your mistakes so obvious.

I think this is pretty much what you are looking for. As always our obligatory warning, a bot review is not a substitute for a good human review - you may get some wrong ideas as the moves lack any explanation and can be misunderstood, but it can also be usefull as hell :slight_smile: just use with caution


I usually use go review partner ( to do the analysis. If there’s anything I’m particularly curious about, I’ll actually open up Leela or LZ and run the analysis for the lines I’d like to look at, but GRP is fine for pointing out the sorts of kyu-level mistakes I usually make. (It comes packaged with Leela, which is around 4d amateur, compared to LZ, which is more like 9p professional.)